Tangjiawan Scenic Area
Tangjiawan Scenic Area is developed and constructed by Hengwei Tangjiawan Scenic Area Development Co., Ltd. in Chengde County, with a planned area of 1106.37 hectares, including 27.71 hectares of water area. The scenic area is the largest Danxia landform valley in the Yanshan Mountain area. There are more than 20 Danxia landscapes with different shapes and the Tianmen Lake surrounded by green mountains. It has developed into a large-scale comprehensive tourism and vacation destination integrating sightseeing, catering and entertainment, health care and elderly care, leisure, outdoor sports, parent-child entertainment and agricultural activities. Tangjiawan Scenic Area has been listed as a key project in Hebei Province for five consecutive years, and has successively been rated as a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Chengde City, a demonstration unit of sports industry in Hebei Province, and a demonstration unit of leisure fishery in Hebei Province.
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    Key projects of Hebei Province for 5 consecutive years
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    Planned control area
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    Danxia mountains with different shapes
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    Amusement and supporting projects
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